About Us

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to provide a platform of support for overall wellness and personal growth.  We specialize in clearly identifying and treating somatic and musculoskeletal dysfunctions, soft tissue limitations and injuries.  

Using therapeutic bodywork techniques, mindfulness and movement principles, and an extensive background in holistic approaches and energy philosophies, we assist clients to become more aware of their bodies, thereby improving mobility and function, increasing strength, and minimizing discomfort or pain.

Customer Promise


* Presence and connection with our clients, colleagues and community

* Quality of touch - Appropriate and effective application of skills and techniques

- Consistency in the ongoing assessment of obstacles and pursuit of goals

​- Superior professionalism and customer service

Our Vision

Better health is not a limited resource.  Often what’s shared grows beyond the sum of its parts.

At Premier Bodywork, we strive to co-create a wellness plan that  clearly identifies somatic and musculoskeletal problems and forming the pathways toward their resolutions.  

We focus on helping you develop a greater awareness of your body and being.  Through self-care and “homework” exercises, you will take an active role in your own soft tissue release, myofascial realignment and movement ease.  Pain relief can be an added bonus!

​Your team consists of us here at Premier Bodywork, yourself, a referral network of specialists in a variety of wellness fields, and everyone you are close to.  If you like what we do, bring in your family and friends.  We’d love to make all of Madison feel better!